Friday, February 26, 2010

Kengo Injury Rubs Salt In The Wounds

As if defeat in Korea wasn't bad enough, doctors have reported that Kengo's likely to be out for the best part of 2 months with a broken jaw sustained during Tuesday's game.

If you haven't seen how it happened check out this link - the Kengo injury happens around 12 minutes into the clip).

With Juninho and Vitor Junior already on the sidelines, it's suddenly become difficult to see where the invention's likely to come from in the opening stages of the season. (Juninho, at least, shouldn't be too far away from a return to action.)

Well, it was never going to be plain sailing. And it will be interesting, if perhaps a little nerve-racking, to see how the team copes without their inspirational captain.


geoff said...

Kengo won't be out for two months.

I know soccer players are not as tough as hockey players, however, Teemu Selanne (who plays for Anaheim Ducks and Finnish national team) fractured his jaw in an NHL game in January. He was playing less than three weeks later.

Ben said...

I saw most of the game (on a poor connection online) and actually failed to notice the incident where he got injured. I didn't see much of the first half, though.
I don't know where half of these broadcasts come from when I'm able to find them online, but the English commentator kept calling him 'Kenji'.

Well, I certainly hope he'll be back in action sooner rather than later or my Kengo shirt will look out of place when I see them in Melbourne just before Easter.

It doesn't look good to be sitting bottom of the table, but I guess it's only one game down.
In the media here (in Aus) Kawasaki keeps being referred to as "one of the pre-tournament favourites". Hope they can lift in the next few games.

manyar said...

Hope you're right, Geoff. I guess the doctors have to err on the side of caution when making their initial assessments.

Kengo will no doubt be pushing for a return as soon as physically possible - he's made of sterner stuff than your average footballer.

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