Wednesday, September 16, 2009

J.League Bucks the Trend for Antlers Solution

A J.League committee has decided that a conclusion to the abandoned Kashima game will be reached by resuming play where it left off.

The teams will reconvene at Kashima Stadium on October 7th and play out the remaining 16 minutes (plus stoppage time) with Frontale's 3-1 lead intact.

In the past, abandoned J.League games have always been replayed in full from 0-0. However, never before has a team held such an advantage at such an advanced stage of the game - hence the unprecedented handling.

Injuries permitting, both teams will have to field the same 11 players who were on the pitch when time was called. For Frontale this means a line-up of:

Kawashima - Mori - Yokoyama (sub for Sonoda) - Ito - Murakami - Taniguchi - Kengo - Tasaka (sub for Yabu) - Yamagishi (sub for Renatinho) - Chong - Juninho


Patrick said...

I was really psyched to hear this. I was at the game and I ended up riding home in the car naked because of how drenched I was and pissed because it was going to a reply

manyar said...

Yeah, glad to see the league have taken a common sense approach to this.

What was the reaction like at the ground when they announced it was abandoned?

Ben said...

Was also stoked to see this decision. A little surprised in the sense that it seems quite unprecedented. But Kawasaki definitely didn't deserve to go back to 0-0. Having said that, they've gotta run down the last 15 minutes yet...

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