Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Kashiwa Reysol v Kawasaki Frontale

Nabisco Cup - Group C: Sun, 25th May 2008

Kashiwa Reysol 3 - 1 Kawasaki Frontale
KOGA 25'
POPO 44'

Venue: Kashiwanoha Stadium
Attendance: 8,009

You can watch all Nabisco Cup highlights on J's GOAL. It may take a few days for the most recent games to be uploaded.


Tom said...

Manyar, I like your blog. Would you like to exchange links?

Chris said...

Another tough loss, I don't understand what's going on as they were quite strong early into the season. What's your take on the sudden collapse and how do you believe they can manage to cope with their current struggles?

manyar said...

Not too worried about this latest defeat. It was basically a second string line-up apart from the front two.

The second half collapse against Omiya is slightly more unsettling, but in the first half we were playing some great football.

To be fair the season didn't start off too well. First of all, I think too much stock was put in the re-signing of Hulk and when he was sent packing back to Verdy after only a handful of games there wasn't really a plan B in terms of attacking options (at the time, Juninho and Chong Tese were so far off last season's form that it wasn't funny).

Then there was the illness and retirement of Sekizuka. Leaving the team in the hands of the inexperienced Takahata. All this resulted in a demoralised and underperforming team.

But the fact of the matter is they managed to turn things round. And in this blip of 2 losses on the trot (I'm not counting the Nabisco Cup game) it's only really half a game that they've played poorly.

So overall, I don't think there's too much to be worried about...yet!

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