Sunday, December 02, 2007

Omiya Ardija v Kawasaki Frontale

J.League Division 1: Sat, 1st December 2007

Omiya Ardija 1 - 1 Kawasaki Frontale

Venue: Nack5 Stadium
Attendance: 12,958


Anonymous said...

My friends and I live in Tokyo and want to get to some games. I want to go see Frontale. Please could you give me some information?
I want to know:
1)How to buy tickets and where?
2)Is the ground full, atmospheric etc.?
3)Do you get meet up in a pub before the game.
My email is:
Cheers if you can help. Thanks for the website, it's great.

manyar said...

Hey, I've only just landed in Tokyo myself and haven't made it to a game yet - too much life admin to take care of right now (honestly, where do my priorities lie?!).

1. I think you can get match tickets either at the stadium or from machines at convenience stores (e.g. 7/11, Lawson's, etc.). Shouldn't be a problem getting them on the day.

2. The home game atmosphere comes across well on TV, but difficult to say without first-hand experience. Attendance varies but you can see from the numbers on here that it's rarely full.

3. If you want tips from seasoned match-goers it might be worth posting on this forum -


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