Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Inamoto in the Bag?

Junichi Inamoto's move from Rennes to Frontale is a done deal according to the French team's official website.

Nothing official from Frontale yet, but looking at the 2010 squad numbers allocated at the weekend, the number 20 seems to have been set aside for somebody.

Also announced this weekend, at the club's annual season launch show, was a new slogan. Last year's "One Step" wasn't quite achieved, so the powers that be have plumped for "+α"!?

What is this "+α"? Well, it comes from "plus alpha" (or "Plus ALFA" if, like Frontale, you feel the need to stick a gratuitous F in there) - a Japanglish phrase meaning something along the lines of "that little bit extra".

Whether Inamoto can provide the necessary plus alpha for the club to claim their first major trophy remains to be seen.


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