Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Sore Losers Leave Bad Taste in the Mouth

Frontale Chairman, Shimpei Takeda, has issued a formal apology on the club website for the disrespectful behaviour shown by certain players during the post-match awards ceremony at Tuesday's Nabisco Cup final.

Mr Takeda expresses his deep regret at actions broadcast live on national television that include removing runners-up medals and refusing to shake hands with opponents - all of which leaves a nasty whiff of bad sportsmanship and downright childishness in the air.

No players are named in the apology, but a few immediately spring to mind. Coach Sekizuka has never been one to tolerate arrogance or indiscipline (and to be fair, without having seen what happened, it's hard to criticise too harshly), but there has been a growing feeling this season that certain players would do well to pull their necks in.

The embarrassment this has obviously caused the club (not to mention their supporters) will hopefully ensure that such behaviour is stamped out.


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